We present this candidature of Ribeira Sacra to the World Heritage List, a living evolutionary cultural landscape formed by the Ribeiras del Sil and Miño and the heredades of Rocas, Montederramo and Ferreira de Pantón, whose origin dates back to the 4th century, and already documented as a sacred territory since 1124.

Ribeira Sacra is a cultural landscape of Outstanding Universal Value that represents the only preserved example in Western Europe of ascetic monasticism in the image of the Christian East in a territory for those seeking refuge, modelled by successive religious communities that erect exceptional complexes of sacred architecture, and by the intense work of local communities over the centuries on impossible slopes with polycultures adapted to the climate and to changes in social and economic models, and which today is an extraordinary property for all humanity.

First documented monastic community in the Christian West

Ribeira Sacra is an outstanding testimony of the first documented monastic community of the Christian West, which emerged in 573 from various hermit settlements and whose greatest exponent is in Rocas, the only Suebi monastery preserved in the world.

Criterion III

Outstanding example of fifteen centuries of sacralization

Ribeira Sacra is unique example of fifteen centuries of continuous sacralization of the territory, which today is preserved in a forest of churches, evidence of more than two hundred monasteries, which survives from its origin to the present day in Ferreira de Pantón.

Criterion IV

Outstanding cultural landscape

Ribeira Sacra is an exceptional cultural landscape that today maintains in the Ribeiras, the original structure of the parishes, their way of constructing in socalcos delimited in the bocarribeiras, property management in cavaduras, and the minimum size of its hundreds of thousands of plots.

Criterion V

This resilient sacredness, characteristic of a unique and singular territory, has reached us converted into a sacrificed testimony of symbolic association with the place, maintaining its transcendence and complexity, turning it into a habited, built and persistent space in which people paint the landscape.

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